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My Deets

Unofficial hoo-rah and such.

Maria Reyes-McDavis

I’m unemployable (shocking, but true). Eighteen years ago (and counting) I began tinkering on the Internet while in college. Few years in, I vowed to never (not ever) step foot into a cubicle or punch a clock in my life.

I’ve since invested 17,000+ hours to help startups, entrepreneurs, growth hackers and other genius-types build handcrafted digital experiences driven by data, strategy and technology.

As Co-Founder and Managing Director of gEnIUsAwEsOmEsAUcE I lead digital initiatives driven by customer/data insights, strategy and technology.

If you want to put official labels on what I do, I’ve been called a digital strategist, marketing technologist, and revenue engineer.

Unofficially: I do a pretty good job of understanding where you’ve been (customer/data insights); where you’re going (strategic panoramic view); building the right platform (digital experience); to reach the right audience (your ideal, most profitable); at the right time (the customer journey) with the right awesome sauce (the story of your genius).

I consider myself an idea spreader, story teller and teacher. And, I enjoy collaborating with people who are building businesses that matter.

Gossip + Rumors

Can not say enough about the value that Maria has brought...one of the best decisions we have ever made.

Hillary Peterson, CEO, Marie Veronique Organics

She's very friendly, personable, and does an excellent job. Her knowledge of SEO is outstanding!

Angela Mackintosh, Founder, WOW! Women on Writing



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